Congratulations to the UT-Chattanooga — Tupelo Cohort Class of 2020 for graduation & 100% board pass! Welcome to the profession and to the 5 new MANA members of this graduating group!

Front row: Ben Johnson, MSN, CRNA; MANA President Rob Rogers, CRNA; Lauren Hester, MSN, CRNA; Justin Barber, MSN, CRNA; Linda Hill, DNSc, DNP, CRNA, and UTC Program Director & Professor

BACK ROW: Fraser Adams, MSN, CRNA; Drew Ballard, MSN, CRNA; Brian Estes, MS, CRNA (Clinical Coordinator); Matthew Hester, MSN, CRNA. Not pictured: Donnie Carter, MS, DNP, CRNA (Clinical Coordinator)